Poultry Feed

Poultry Feed


Greater weight gain, higher returns
GROWHEN , one of the fastest growing names in Poultry Feed, is about superior product quality.
It helps in better body weight gain and feed conversion ratio.

GROWHEN, Poultry Feed is one of the leading names in poultry feed in India. Available in both Broiler Feed and Layer Feed, it is prepared with the finest and easy digestive natural ingredients. Our production systems concern to the principle of Quality Management. This is achieved with our strict control at every levels starting with raw materials and processes to hygiene management and finished products. In keeping with the innovative spirit, we have introduced a new product that includes an all GMP and new-age technology to gear up and strengthen growth prospects for benefit of farmer.


Benefits of GROWHEN
 Improved Feed Conversion Ratio (FCR)
 Improved weight gain
 Better digestibility
 Reduces pathogen load
 Reduces mortality rate
 Releases healthy gut microbes
 Adaptable to different breeds and climatic conditions of India
 Value for money

 Item Quantity: 5 kg, 25Kg
 Ingredients: Supplemented with imported quality, multivitamin , antioxidants, trace minerals,
enzymes immune stimulants and acidifiers which help in better growth and immunity.
 Item Form: Powder; Shelf Life: 2 Year
 Feeding Instructions: : 10-20 gms/Kg of Feed or as advised by poultry consultants.